Overview of Littlewoods Purchase Financing Options

For qualified buyers, Littlewoods offers several purchase financing options. If you are interested in making purchases, and paying for them over time by way of monthly payments, then you’ll need to know what your options are. The following information is an overview of the available options at this time, but do be sure to contact Littlewoods to learn more about the most current options and terms and conditions surrounding financing.

One financing option is a Shopping Account. This type of account is strictly for purchases made from Littlewoods. The typical credit limit £750, but the actual credit limit offered depends on your credit status. This type of running credit account provides a range of interest free and/or interest bearing terms. Note that an advance payment may be required with some orders. You can apply for a Shopping Account online, and may be provided with an instant approval.

There is also a Spread the Cost option, which can be used to pay for smaller purchases over a period of time. With this option, the cost of the purchase can be divided up into 20 weekly payments. There is no interest charged, making this a nice option for paying off purchases over time. There is also a Buy Now Pay Later option. With this option, you can pay nothing for 12 months on orders of £50 or more. For sofa purchases 2-year and 4-year no interest financing is an option. For information about any of these payment plans, contact Littlewoods.

The Littlewoods Credit Card is yet another option. Credit limits up to £1,500 are offered along with this card. The card is a MasterCard, and can be used to make purchases anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. Interest rate information is available online, or by contacting Littlewoods customer service. Loans from £1,000 to £15,000 are also an option. Unsecured loans may be paid off over a period of one to five years, and application decisions are typically provided instantly. Both credit card and loan applications can be submitted online or by phone when you call Littlewoods and speak with someone in the finance department.

Littlewoods accepts many different payment methods and will extend credit to those who qualify. If you wish to be considered for any of the aforementioned lines of credit, contact Littlewoods. You will be asked to complete and submit a credit application and will then be provided with a decision. Those who are approved will be provided with a credit limit. This, along with the associated terms and conditions must be agreed to before credit is provided. If these things are not agreeable, speak with a Littlewoods finance manager to see if different terms can be arranged.