Why Open a Free Zone Company in Thailand?

Updated on Wednesday 22nd February 2017

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Why Open a Free Zone Company in Thailand? Image
Numerous businessmen who want to start their activities in Thailand choose to open companies in the special economic zones, to benefit from the advantages offered by the country. Special taxes and an easy company registration in Thailand’s special free zones are among the important compensations to consider before settling in the country. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand are here to offer suitable information and guidelines when registering a company in the country.

The advantages of registering a company in Thailand’s free zones

Any foreign entrepreneur who wants to set up a free zone company in Thailand needs to propose an application to cover the BOI (Board of Investments) promotion status. In other words, the investment plan related to the Thailand’s free zones will be properly analyzed by the BOI, in order to receive the tax incentives. For instance, if a free zone สมัครสมาชิกW88trading company in Thailand generates more than BHT 1,8 million per year, the VAT can be 0%. The imported products for resale commercial purposes in Thailand are free of taxes. Besides that, the goods can be moved to a free zone in Thailand, in order to avoid the VAT. A free zone company in Thailand will also imply low utility bills and labor expenses, strong reasons for numerous entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses in such areas.

Our company formation agents in Thailand can provide you with complete and correct information about the special economic zones in the country and can offer assistance if you want to open a company in Thailand. It is good to know that all local or foreign entrepreneurs should solicit guidelines about the company registration procedure in Thailand.

The registration process in Thailand’s free zones

Any overseas businessman who wants to set up a company in Thailand’s free zones needs to know that the company registration procedure has low costs and can be ready within a few days, if the proper documents are provided, including important statements related to the export activities or manufacturing. When opening a free zone company in Thailand, the special licenses can be obtained at the same time, suitably provided by the special economic zones authorities. The minimum share capital for registering a free zone company in Thailand is $62,000. The Thai company formation can be entirely explained by our consultants, no matter the type of enterprise you want to establish in Thailand

You can contact our team of experts in company formation in Thailand for additional information about how to open a free zone company in Thailand.


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