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Updated on Monday 27th February 2017

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Numerous expats in Thailand choose to work in different domains and many others decide to open a company in Thailand. A laundry business in Thailand can be a fruitful opportunity for a small entrepreneur from abroad who wants to make suitable profits. If you want to start a laundry business in Thailand, we recommend you to solicit help and guidance from our Thai company formation specialists.


How to set up a laundry business in Thailand

Going to work and having businesses in Thailand involve for most people no extra time for the daily home activities, like cleaning, cooking or doing the laundry. Foreign and local entrepreneurs have analyzed the possibilities and the requirements on the market and this is why many laundry businesses appeared. The main types of laundry businesses available in Thailand are the coin-operated and the self-operated ones, which can be in different locations, usually in crowded neighborhoods. 

It is good to know that the Thai company formation is an easy process which requires the same legal steps as for any company registration in Thailand. Make sure to buy or rent a suitable place with enough space to install the laundromats and the dryers. As for the documents and additional requirements, we remind that you should reserve a name for your laundry business, open a bank account, register for VAT and solicit the needed licenses in order to properly start your activities.

According to the Thai Foreign Business Act, any overseas entrepreneur who wants to open a company in Thailand must apply for a license with the Foreign Licensing Department, including the ones who want to set up a laundry business in the city-state. You must obtain permits from the water pollution and health departments in Thailand.

Buy or rent the equipment for your laundry business in Thailand

The washing machines, the laundry carts, the vending machines, the coin machines and the dryers are part of the needed equipment for your laundry business in Thailand. These items can be acquired as brand-new appliances or as already used but functionally equipment. The next step is to sign contracts with the electricity and water suppliers in the chosen city in Thailand, in order to start your laundry business. And if you want to generate money as soon as possible, it is recommended to advertise your new business, by offering special coupons or creating ads on different social networks.

You are invited to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Thailand if you want to know more details about how to start a laundry business in Thailand.


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