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Smart Classroom for 21st Century

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Manageability, Easy to Control, Recording

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High Availability and Expandability

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Support large number of devices in a campus

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Collect the data and analyse them for planning.

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Software Licensing support Organization Learning Process.

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21st Century Skills

A broad set of knowledge, attitude, skills, habits, character traits – to be the most critical important to survive and success in today’s world.
Communication and Collaboration, Digital literacy, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving.

21st Century Learning

A broad set of learning tools to help all students to learn and socialize to be 21st century skills workers in today’s world.

21st Century Solution Provider

A broad set of knowledge and skills for providing: pain analysis, consulting and advice, design, provide, install, deploying, training and development, service and maintenance, evaluate and pain analysis again. – LannaCom in today’s world.

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21st Century Solution Provider and System Integrator

for 21st Century Learning Enhancement toward 21st Century Skills.

ClassRoom21st and MeetingRoom21st

Any Where, Any Time, Any Media, Any Requirement, Any Device.
Providing smart classrooms to accommodate 21st century student growth and learning.

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Hybrid Big Data Storing and Services.
Information storing systems both on premise via traditional enterprise applications and outsourcing through cloud technology..

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Intelligent Wired and Wireless Network Infrastructure to enrich all applications and platforms: Software -Defined Networking.
Programs to enhance university..

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Examining Data for Better Business Decisions.
Computer networks as a foundation to connect any device to any platform..

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21st Century Appropriated Learning Software and Applications for supporting 21st Century Skills.
Support in modern programs and applications to implement in learning..

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Pearson VUE? Authorized Test Center at Lannacom Co.,Ltd

We are a member of the Pearson VUE Test Center family.

Our Believe

The appropriate Information and Communication Technology solutions will be the necessity contexture of successful higher education institutes in 21st century which be a vital part of our national development.

Teerachet Nantsupawat - CEO at Lannacom